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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Sweet Journey: The Cupcakes by Sonja Story

September 2005. It is autumn in New York, a lovely time to be in the greatest city in the world to indulge in its many gustatory pleasures. For Sonja Ocampo, it’s cupcakes. Naturally, she gravitates to Magnolia Bakery, the revered cupcake shop. Magnolia’s fluffy delights so inspires Sonja that she finds a way to work in its kitchen. There, she develops her technical skills and expertise.

When Sonja comes home to Manila later that year, she makes some cupcakes for the party of her best friend’s son. Everybody loves her cupcakes! They were so gooey delicious that word of her cupcakes reaches the attentive ear of a writer from the Philippine Star, who promptly writes about it. Before long, people start looking for Sonja’s creations. 

Because of the clamor for her cupcakes, Sonja, who always loves a challenge, starts seriously considering opening a cupcake shop. On December 2005, she flies to Australia to continue her market research.

Sonja starts the year right by pitching her cupcake idea to Ayala Land on January 2006. She not only gives them a clear idea of how she wants her space to look like, she makes them her awesome cupcakes too. Ayala Land offers Cupcakes by Sonja’s first place in Serendra the very next month.

On September 8, 2006, Cupcakes by Sonja opens its doors—and becomes an instant success. People of all ages line up for their cupcake fix.

Hipsters, bloggers, and teeners along with young mothers and their little babes flock to Cupcakes by Sonja. The growing phenomenon is diligently recorded by the media with local and international publications picking up the Cupcakes by Sonja story.

Business blossoms and blooms. Before long, Sonja isn’t just making cupcakes, she also offers dessert buffets, birthday cakes, customized cupcakes, and cake pops to her clients. Apart from coming up with one delicious flavor after another, Cupcakes by Sonja also forms a partnership with Philippine Red Cross. To this day, it gives a portion of the sales of Red Velvet Vixen cupcake to raise funds for the organization’s various charities.

From its eight original flavors, Cupcakes by Sonja now offers 32 deliciously heavenly creations that cupcake aficionados just cannot get enough of. That’s why Cupcakes by Sonja is bent on sharing the sweetness as it gears up to open more shops this year.  Watch out for more sweetness from Cupcakes by Sonja!