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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Bit of Cupcake Heaven

Walking into the Cupcakes by Sonja store, one is immediately overcome by feelings of warmth and nostalgia—of grandma baking cookies in the oven, of cotton candies and lollipops, and of bright sunshiny days filled with the promise of endless fun.

Today, we share some of the mood boards and graphic renderings of the first Cupcakes by Sonja store.

Sonja draws inspiration from the quaint little bakeshops that could be found on almost every block of New York City. At the same time, Sonja wants the store to be attractive to children, a special space for both the young and young at heart.

Stripes of red and white line the walls alongside a pretty floral panel where the menu chalkboards are tacked on. The whitewashed cupboards are filled with all sorts of thingamajigs from pretty pitchers and fine china to a baby blue weighing scale which Sonja hand-carried all the way from Australia.

Of course, the cupcakes are kept in a place of honor—under glass, in refrigerated shelves and dainty cupcake holders. You could take a stool and sit by the long white table. Or you could step outside, and enjoy your cupcake under the shade of a floral printed umbrella. Heaven!